made in italy

We are very proud to make our apparel by hand in Italy. Meticulous detailing, high-quality fabrics and finishes made in Italy with all the care and attention we devote to our manufacturing. Each tiny detail is designed to last and to share your adventures. Clothes made to withstand any weather conditions, just like your passion.


A famous stylist once said that elegance isn’t being noticed, it’s being remembered. Our clothes are designed to make you feel good-looking and on-trend while you ride your favourite roads. We keep a constant eye on the world so the colours in our collections are as brilliant as those on the fashion runways and, season after season, they echo the palettes of the top designers.


A clean, rigorous style that needs nothing else in order to be original. Collar and sleeve stripes are one of our distinctive details. They convey our desire to bring back a legendary past and unite it with today’s technology. With the same simplicity and purity.


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