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Cycling Bibs Shorts

The LaClassica cycling bibs shorts are made with a fabric born from the collaboration with the Italian company 'Taiana', it has the right degree of compression thanks to a special elastic module wrapping the leg without constriction, naturally following every movement.
The best result under any stress. The bib straps, made with the yarn "Breeze" Sensil, refresh the body when the temperature rises and thanks to a special open structure the breathability increases.
The Dr.Pad pad for LaClassica in Coccolo fabric and exploded cell foam with special injections of antishock medical silicone gel guarantees a unique fit, combined with the softness of a high quality product.

  High elasticity 154 g/m2 fabric.
  UPF 50+ protection.
  Lateral refractive lunettes.
  Front ultrasonic seams.
  LaClassica logo on the left leg.

The LaClassica pad by Dr.Pad in Colorado textile and open-cell foam with special anti-shock gel injections guarantees a unique fit you can’t do without, combined with the comfort and softness of a high-quality product.

  • Gel pad Coccolo textile.
  • Gel and 120 kg/m3 foam pad, thickness vary from 2 to 15 mm thanks to the Cutting Technology, a special technology which eliminates the need for multi-layer fabrics, and thereby improves breathability by achieving countless levels of transitions densities.
  • Abrasive protection under seat to avoid rubbing/abrasions.
  • Inserts in Injection Plus medical Gel.
  • Perfect for long journeys (+ 8 hours).
  • Made with time-resistant foams.
  • Ultra fast drying.
  • Highly breathable.

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