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Capsule Collection

Forget the rules. This is a capsule collection for us. We thought minimal in the way that we like it but at the same time fanciful like you. We have revolutionized the graphics, we have played with colours like an artist and at the same time we have created it as a designer would have done it.
The impact is like a colour run on the catwalk of a fashion week in Paris. But fashion is not everything. This is why the materials we have used are more technical: no seams on the sleeves for extra comfort both the length of the bib shorts are stress free and the materials that are incredibly light.
Dedicated to who, in a cycling kit, is looking for the perfect combination: comfort, technology, beauty and performance.

MADE IN ITALY. Handmade in Italy is our greatest pride. We pay great attention to details, the quality of fabrics and garment finishes, everything is produced in Italy with the love and attention we dedicate to manufacturing. Every detail is designed to last over time and share all your adventures with you. Weatherproof, like your passion.

FASHION. A famous fashion designer said that elegance is not to be noticed but to be remembered. Our garments are designed to make you feel beautiful and fashionable while you ride your favourite streets. We never stop looking at the world and that is why the colours of the collections shine like those of the catwalks and, from season to season, follow the shades chosen by the great designers.

MINIMAL. A clean and rigorous style that needs nothing else to be original. A sign of recognition that tells you of our desire to recover a legendary past combined with today's technology, with the same simplicity and purity of the past.

FABRICS AND SEAMS. The new Costa Blanca capsule collection has better elastic properties that last over time, better rub resistance and better aerodynamics.
Wearing a LaClassica garment is like having a second skin.
A capsule collection full of energy and colour to accelerate and excite pedalling. Rigor but also dynamism enclosed in the LaClassica brand.

PAD. The LaClassica pad by Dr.Pad in Colorado textile and open-cell foam with special anti-shock gel injections guarantees a unique fit you cannot do without, combined with the comfort and softness of a high-quality product.

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