Nothing like cycling can teach us what life is all about.

Lara Dotta started cycling at the age of four, racing her small mountain bike with her friends on the road in front of her house. It was her favourite game.
Lara’s father is a passionate amateur cyclist, with whom she has always had a special relationship thanks to their shared passion: they spent hours together watching the great Northern Classics on tv and that’s exactly when her love for cycling started, although Lara still did not know it.

She spent her childhood between Veneto and Brianza (near Lake Como): these two cycling strongholds are the fulcrum of Italian cycling culture, which Lara thoroughly assimilated. Having an eye for detail and beauty and for the bicycle of course.
Her father encouraged her to try racing with a local cycling team. Lara was enthusiastic about this opportunity and at the age of 11 she started racing in the novice category. It was the beginning of a fantastic adventure. Her father was always by her side: their relationship grew stronger and stronger, he took her to training, he supported her through difficulties and gave her important advice.
Lara raced until the junior category and then stopped to dedicate herself to studying. Three years later she recommenced racing Granfondos and opened a fashion clothing store where she was able to express her creativity and passion for style.

"LaClassica was born from a dream of bringing together these two passions: fashion and cycling. The aim was to create a brand based on strong values and on the highest Italian quality."

Belgium, means everything to Lara.
Her free spirit is attracted to its empty roads that weave through the countryside, to its quiet villages, to the history of cycling that runs through the country’s veins.
LaClassica has an international feel to it, as the meaning of the word is a recognised worldwide symbol of this sport: the Northern Classics or the Milano-Sanremo, the most famous. At the same time LaClassica is profoundly Italian as “Hand Made in Italy” is one of its core values.

Lara has maintained her childhood vocations: always attentive to detail, style and quality. She personally chooses colours, graphics, fabrics and checks that everything is perfect. She is inspired by the high fashion catwalks which she follows constantly and by her cycling around Lake Como where she lives. This is why the collections are a mix of sportiness and trend, not forgetting  the latest technology and the use of innovative fabrics and materials.

Lara’s values have made LaClassica an ethical and farsighted brand. All LaClassica clothes are entirely made in Italy and are produced with the upmost respect for quality and local artisan communities.
Lara sees the future of LaClassica as an international company taking the values of authentic Made in Italy worldwide whilst still retaining strong ties to its roots.
The mission of LaClassica is to connect people with their strong passion for cycling, transforming this into a true, elegant and unique lifestyle .

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