Dream made in Italy


Want to know how we created the LaClassica trademark?

First of all we had to choose a name that represented us and conveyed what we wanted to achieve.

A name for a plan that was also a dream. Sure, everybody says that but this time it’s true. Anyway, which is better – planning dreams or dreaming about plans? Both, though we weren’t sure where to start at the time. We just had three or four ideas clearly in mind: a new range of cycling wear, make sure it’s attractive, really made in Italy, designed for cycling fanatics, be they male or female, no discrimination – of course – which to us means fast, pedalling.
The delirium of choosing a name: the great champions, the famous races, the initials of the people behind this project, fantasy names, complicated ones, perfect ones but already taken, the hard-to-pronounce ones, etc. In the end, an Italian one, which is only right.

La Classica is a race, the race par excellence. Just as our range is classic, but made of new-generation materials; perhaps we’d exaggerate if we called them high-tech…or perhaps not.

We chose a lovely font for our logo, a timeless one, inherently legible with well-proportioned solids and spaces, balanced thicknesses and a harmonious design. Helvetica medium and light, for the delight of purist graphic artists. A Swiss type designer invented it in 1957. So perfect that it’s never been affected by passing fashions; indeed, it’s still trend-setting. What could be better to combine classic and contemporary?
And then our symbol, our mini logo: the two Ss which, if you look carefully, are two cyclists racing each other. Why pink? Because of the Giro d’Italia, of course, we’re surprised you asked! Lastly our slogan, the phrase that describes LaClassica: cycling wear.

All together, or even singly, these elements colour our apparel with sharp contrasts, or, as the sophisticates would say, ton sur ton. The main thing is that you like our jerseys, the shorts with that marvellous pad, the accessories that are co-ordinated but not too much, our windproof jackets and professional cycle suits. In other words, the important thing is that, like us, you think about cycling and you have the time of your life.
Three cheers for LaClassica!

Made in Italy

The concept of Italian-made products is important to us…now more than ever.
We embraced it right from the start, for a number of reasons: we want to work with the best suppliers, and as they are just down the motorway, we have visited them over and again. Let’s face it, overseas it would have been more difficult to share our plans, change our minds, ask for advice, or eat a tasty plate of tortellini together. So with a number of excellent producers we chatted about how important it is not to choose the easiest way, the cheapest way, the wiliest way. (Nearly) everyone does that, but LaClassica is resisting, our best qualities shine when we work uphill, just like a great champion standing up on the pedals.

And so we want to say a big thank you to the seamstresses, textiles experts, production managers and sample tailors, but above all: thank you to the people who made sure we always had coffee and sandwiches, the people who are the true powerhouse of our enlarged operational meetings.

PS: in random order, here are some of the issues discussed: puller diameter, millimetres of seams, colour nuance, zip characteristics, consistency of the silicone, length/width/depth of gloves, lining texture, consistency of hats, label size, pocket capacity (is it big enough for a banana?). You can imagine the rest for yourselves…

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